Privacy Policy and Security | B.TABLES
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Privacy Policy and Security

Quality products

  • All products that are available in our webshop we personally created, thanks to years of experience, high quality materials and professional staff. All together connects them to one important thing, which is the guarantee of the quality of the delivered goods. If you want to return the purchased item, please contact our customer service within 14 days; our friendly agent will point you in the process of returning the goods and money. More details related to refund read on the page ‘Terms and Conditions‘.

No misuse of data

  • The information in the registration or any other form in the pages we commit ourselves to use exclusively for business purposes and to improve your user experience. More on keeping personal data can be found on page ‘Privacy and Security policy

Croatian law on consumer protection

  • B.TABLES web shop acts in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, Croatian law that protects basic rights of consumers when buying products and services, as well as in other forms of acquisition of products and services on the market: the right to protection of economic interests, the right to protection from danger for life, health and property, the right to legal protection of consumers, the right to consumer information and education, the right of association of consumers to protect their interests and the right to representation of consumers and consumer representatives for taking part in the work of dealing with the issues from displaying their interest.

Online settlement of consumer disputes

  • In accordance with the regulations of the European Union no. 524/2013, B.TABLES web shop is participating in the resolution of consumer disputes, which customers can submit online via this link.

High technical protection of traders and buyers

  • B.TABLES web shop uses T-Com PayWay system that uses the highest standards of protection and privacy, and the highest category PCI DSS security standards ensures users a secure online shopping. Credit card numbers are not stored on the system, and their entry is protected by encryption.